Each year, Famosa publishes a study on issues related to the world’s most interesting toys, with surveys and highly relevant and sometimes surprising data, while at the same time offering expert opinions that provide us with innovative solutions and ideas for various situations. If you want to know more about the world of toys and children, the Juegoramas are a must read. To see for yourself, click on the study that you want to read or download.

La casa de las ideas.pdf In this 5th edition, Famosa reveals the process of manufacturing a toy, step by step. To learn more, watch this instructional video on Mutant Busters and the lively "House of Ideas" story . DOWNLOAD
Presentacion-JUEGORAMA_2013.pdf In the 4th edition of Juegorama Famosa strives to better understand the impact of the toy industry’s activities on society. The welfare and happiness of children is everyone’s concern. DOWNLOAD
Presentacion-3a-edicion-Juegorama-2012.pdf A quick look at Juegorama 2012 reveals that 39% of parents buy their children all or almost all the toys they ask for, and 38%, half of them. But whom do they ask? Juegorama 2012 finally answers the eternal question of whether it’s Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. DOWNLOAD
juegorama-2011.pdf The 2011 edition of Juegorama is interested in knowing what our children’s lives are like, and in finding out what games mean to them. Juegorama 2011 is a quick guide of sorts for new parents. DOWNLOAD
Juegorama-2010.pdf The Juegorama 2010 highlights the changes that have occurred in the way we play and how we interact with toys. If you are one of those who believe that children do not play outside as much as before, you are right. By studying Juegorama, we know that while playing outside was the overwhelming preference "before" for 52%, "now" 44% of children play at home. DOWNLOAD