All types of tea come from the same plant - Camellia Sinensis. The dried leaves of the peppermint plant (mentha x piperita) make a bold, refreshing, and very minty tea. This article provides a list of the best types of black tea from around the world. Traditionally, green pu-erh tea is the preferred choice and it has been around for centuries. Most tea types are all derived from the Camellia sinensis species of plant, whereas some do not actually come from tea leaves at all! Very informative and interesting article, but one small quibble-“chai” means tea, so by saying “chai tea,” you said something twice! The classification of this tea depends on how the plant’s tea leaves are prepared and processed. The way it differs from black tea and green tea is by how it is processed. Read on to learn about the different tea types so you can pick the one that best suits your taste buds. What’s your preference for different types of tea? The leaves are first rolled and the water is allowed to evaporate out of the leaf, and then exposed to air to trigger the oxidation process. It doesn’t have to be a daunting experience exploring the different Types of Tea. To make the drink, only the finest shade-grown tea leaves are picked, and then carefully ground into a fine powder. We’ll admit it: The world of tea can get a little snobby. Various types of tea. Hot or cold, pure or blended, nothing can beat a cup of freshly made mint tea. If you're a beginner tea drinker, you may not know that herbal teas aren't actually real teas. It is quite tasty, but I think it can be very different from brand to brand. But how deep is your knowledge about this immensely popular drink? 1. does not provide medical advice. In terms of taste, rose tastes light, sweet, and slightly tart. First of all, it’s important to note that true “tea” all comes from the same plant; the Camellia sinensis. All tea comes from this plant. Tea in Japan Is a Grassy, Toasty, Nutty Assortment of Rejuvenating Beverages Matcha. SENCHA. Different types of teas and their benefits Darjeeling tea is a more complex variety, as it’s further … Licensed under CC BY 2.0 2. Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured or fresh leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to East Asia. There are hundreds of different types of Chai Tea with hundreds of different combinations of ingredients. Made with the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, black tea is a true tea. Black tea, oolong tea, green tea, and white tea are the only true types of tea. As it is one of the most popular herbal teas, it has a steady stream of evolving research. Instead, herbal teas are infusions. Drinking mint tea is far more than just a simple pastime – many tea cultures and traditions wouldn’t be the same without it. After picking, the fresh leaves are heated to inactivate enzymes and prevent oxidation. Tea shifted from being a food item to a popular drink only a few hundred years ago when people realized that a concoction of these leaves prepared in hot water tastes a lot better than the alternative ways of consuming tea. See this full guide to barley tea for more information. Barley tea enjoys most popularity in the East, and it’s a staple drink in China, Japan, and Korea. There is also no high-level evidence (yet) that these effects occur in humans drinking the tea. Black teas are best with water at 80°C, if you drink them without milk, or 90-95°C with milk. Chamomile tea comes from the edible flowers of the matricaria chamomilla plant, otherwise known as chamomile. A rich, malty flavor profile coupled with the countless health benefits is the reason why approximately 165 million cups of black tea are consumed in Britain every single day! White tea is most delicate of all true tea varieties. Some of the most common tea varieties include black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, and rooibos tea. It is a common daily drink in Siberia, and people believe it has important health and longevity benefits. Chrysanthemums are flowering plants that originate in East Asia, and we can mainly find them in China. We run down the kinds of tea you should know. Chai Tea/Masala Chai/Spiced Tea – Consists of black tea mixed with warm spices like cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate beans. Furthermore, randomized controlled trials suggest that chamomile may help people to overcome sleep quality problems (10). The tea features an intensely rich flavor profile that is not bitter despite the peaty taste. Key Point: There are five true teas – black, green, oolong, pu’erh, and white tea. Add a few drops of lemon to your regular green tea or purchase the same mixture from a nearby store but don’t miss out on the refreshing and reinvigorating taste of lemon green tea. The plant now grows throughout the world’s tropical regions, and senna tea is a semi-popular drink that offers a few health benefits (and concerns). Yellow tea is a rather rare type of tea found in southeast Asia, particularly China and Japan. Bubble Milk Tea . This is because it is hand-processed and obtained from the youngest shoots of the Camellia Sinensis. In fact, it contains around 80 mg of caffeine per cup – almost as much as coffee (, See this full guide to barley tea for more information. This exposure takes place in hot rooms to accelerate the oxidation of the leaves, and it turns them a dark red/brown color. Do you know where tea originates from? The best tasting drink is a subjective opinion, so it will vary from person to person. It’s also one of the most popular drinks in the world, particularly so in Great Britain and Ireland. 2 It, thus, retains most of its inherent antioxidants. Bombay Chai Tea. For those sensitive to caffeine, rooibos has the benefit of being caffeine-free. For years I drank only coffee. Research is also looking into their role as a potential way to treat the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate) in men. This makes the leaves mildly aromatic, and they release a fresh, herb-like flavor when added to boiling water. Only one randomized trial has been undertaken, but this trial did show a shortening of the second stage of labor (37). However, tisane refers to a caffeine-free drink that is prepared from fresh or dried flowers, fruits, herbs and/or seeds. Le thé le plus dégusté au monde. Take Assam, Ceylon, and Darjeeling teas, which are from India, Sri Lanka, and India, respectively. Oolong tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol and maintains blood sugar level. Daily intake of the tea may also be liver-protective (39, 40). There are claims that moringa tea has a host of health benefits too. Let's start by clarifying the difference between true teas and herbal teas. However, (much of) the rest of the world mixes it with large amounts of sugar and steamed milk to make green tea latte. Healthy drink concept. Adding some mint leaves to green tea or better yet, brewing the mint leaves on their own can revitalize you mint like nothing else. The tea soup is light green. “White tea is the little baby buds,” says Hattie. Heating the tea leaves stops the oxidation process. Firstly, tea leaves are picked at a younger age when making white tea. A traditional style chai tea is relatively healthy, but the Starbuck’s version comes loaded with 45g sugar (grande size). Much of the supposed health benefits of dandelion tea is as yet unproven by research, but limited studies (and anecdotal accounts) suggest it may have digestive benefits (12, 13). Studies on the drink show some health benefits too. Today, tea is grown in Africa, South America and various regions around the Caspian Sea but the major amount of tea consumed across the world is still obtained from China, India, Kenya and Sri Lanka who together represent over 75% of the world’s total tea production. Randomized controlled trials demonstrate that pu-erh tea can improve health markers in patients with metabolic syndrome (34, 35). Second, they don’t undergo processing such as rolling or oxidation, which leaves them with a mild and light taste. A wealth of research shows that hibiscus tea is effective at reducing both systolic and diastolic blood pressure (22, 23). This type of herbal tea is said to help lower cholesterol, reduce anxiety, and is used to treat certain bacterial infections. Black tea is a type of tea that is more … Even though this tea may be bitter, it actually has as much and potentially more antioxidants than the normal tea strains. According to experts, it’s the highest processed and oxidized variety among all types of tea. 7 Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink it.Online Video Clip. At this point, the tea is heated to stop the oxidation. It contains the same catechins as other types of tea but in different quantities. There are approximately 1,500 different varieties of tea, all offering interesting and varied style´s, taste and colour. The big claim about this tea is that it can help to treat cancer. Medically, spearmint tea has been used as a treatment for hirsutism in women. In recent times, it has been gaining popularity around the world too. While tea leaves are heated almost immediately in the process of making green tea, the leaves for black tea are first dried in the sun. As soon as the leaves are plucked, they begin to oxidize. This type of tea has several health benefits that include maintaining blood pressure, lowering blood sugar level, boosting heart health, improving digestion, reducing the risk of cancer and many more. I am becoming very partial to matcha. Additionally, randomized trials show that rooibos may reduce cardiovascular risk by preventing angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) activity. Tea. Black tea is known for its ability to keep for several years as it is more oxidized than the green and oolong tea types. Apart from the unique smell that jasmine extract adds to the beverage, the drink is also prized for its health benefits. Taste-wise, it is much more bitter than other teas in this list. As you will already know, green tea features a pale green color that closely resembles the actual color of fresh eaves due to the fact that they haven’t been processed too much. If you are a “coffee person” I would suggest trying matcha. It is also very easy on the stomach compared to coffee. Otherwise known as ‘stinging nettle tea’, the drink comes from the dried leaves of the urtica dioica plant (commonly referred to as ‘nettle’). The flowers of this family of plants can vary in color, but they are edible and we can cultivate their leaves to make chrysanthemum tea. Last Updated on December 22, 2020 by Michael Joseph. Pu-erh tea (also pu’er) is one of the five true teas. Butterfly pea flower tea is a unique traditional drink from South-East Asia, and it has a striking blue appearance. Also known as basswood, linden is a tree whose flowers, leaves, as well as its bark is used for medicinal purposes. After water, it is the most widely consumed drink in the world. Like all flower teas, chrysanthemum has a floral aroma alongside a light and slightly sweet flavor. This particular drink originates in the Russian/Siberian region, and the ‘Chaga’ mushroom is native to much of Northern and Eastern Europe, and Asia. Some promising studies suggest that Chaga tea extract has anti-tumor properties and may inhibit oxidative DNA damage in animal and cell studies (4, 5, 6). The mildly sour notes come from the rose petal’s citric and malic acid content. Read on to know more about different types of tea and their benefits. Fleur Curated in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden, the Fleur collection evokes the scents of The New York Botanical Garden on a summer day, surrounded by a lush curation of flowers and fruits. Despite the name, the tea doesn’t really taste like raspberries, and the flavor is similar to other green/grassy teas. The Asian stores tend to be a good place to get it since the price is usually cheaper than say health stores or tea stores. I would just look at the specific brand on a website like Amazon or Iherb – read through the customer reviews and see if people generally recommend the tea or not. Rosemary isn’t only a herb for culinary purposes, but it is also a popular variety of herbal tea. Chaga mushrooms are a type of fungus that grows on birch trees, and making them into tea simply involves boiling a piece of the dried mushroom. The dry tea leaf is slim in shape and green in color, covered by the white fuzz. Different Varieties and Types of Tea Tue, Feb 7, 2017 Black Tea Oolong White Tea Green Tea Herbal Tea. Tea blends combine more than one type of premium tea, giving it a great flavour. Traditionally served cold with ice, it is especially popular as a summer drink and many people drink it like water.Â. In regard to flavor, it tastes nutty, smoky and slightly bitter. After all, herbal teas taste equally great as the types of ‘true’ teas discussed below. The different types of tea powder include variations of green teas, black teas and white teas. However based on the type of tea leaves picked and the level of oxidation or processing, tea is classified into five main types: Black, Green, Oolong, White and Pu-erh. Each batch of pu-erh is different depending on the type of tea used and the microbial composition after fermentation. Human randomized trials and systematic reviews demonstrate that oolong can lower blood-glucose levels and improve the cholesterol profile (28, 29). Green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea are the major kinds of tea. Be it protection against the common cold, flu, headaches, joint pain or stress – drinking ginger tea will help you get rid of it all. April 11, 2020. Green tea is the opposite of black tea in terms of processing. Made from fresh or dried hibiscus flowers, hibiscus flower is a truly fascinating tea that you will often find at exotic restaurants. In other words, this means that it irritates the stomach lining to stimulate bowel movements. Saint Paul; St. Anthony Village; Employment; FAQ; About Us; Home But what health benefits does this tea actually provide? These spices typically include cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger, among others. Tea has a rich history, which is intertwined with thousands of cultures spanning over centuries. A quick search for pau d’arco brings up all kind of results suggesting it’s an alternative “cancer-fighting” therapy. Essiac tea is a traditional drink of the Ojibwa, a North American Indian tribe also known as the Chippewa. When the weather turns chilly, a cup of winter fruit tea will provide warmth like nothing else. Let's start by clarifying the difference between true teas and herbal teas. Oolong is a type of true tea which means it is also obtained from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Different flavors and styles of dairy and dairy-like ingredients may be used. Flavonoids are natural chemicals that play a significant role in the medicinal properties of chamomile tea. First of all, rooibos contains various phenolic compounds such as flavanones and flavones (38). 1. Yerba mate has a deep and intense taste, and it is a caffeinated tea too. The only varieties of tea that are classed as true tea are those made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. However, there is no strong research from human trials on the potential effects of polyphenols in rosemary (42, 43). According to research, citrus juice brings out the antioxidizing properties of green tea and makes them more readily absorbed into the body. Simply add some fresh chopped ginger in water and bring it to a boil. To understand the different types of tea, it’s best to first understand how tea is made. Although they do not fit the true definition of “tea”, it is the name by which most people know them. In Japan, it goes by the name ‘mugicha’ and Koreans call it ‘boricha’; many families drink it on a daily basis. Table of Contents It is nice to spend an autumn evening with a good book, under a warm blanket, and with a good cup of tea… What kind of tea do you prefer? Green tea is very healthy, and it is one of the most research-backed foods/drinks in the world. Generally speaking, the taste is more bitter than standard tea, although it does become milder over time. When it comes to Teas originating from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is the plant from where all “real” Teas come from, the processing of the tea leaf is vital. Without a doubt, green tea is a popular drink around the globe as they appeal to both newcomers and tea enthusiasts. See the differences between Chinese tea and English tea. stock photo 166940056 from Depositphotos collection of millions of premium high-resolution stock photos, vector images and illustrations. Sencha is grown in direct sunlight, and tends to be harvested in the first or second flush of leaves. Green tea is closer to white tea than black tea as it is non-oxidized. Before we discuss the types of tea, it is important to note that ‘tea’ and ‘herbal’ tea are two entirely distinct drinks. It reliefs arthritic pain and inflammation, stabilized blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety and is known to help people suffering from depression. Types of Milk in Bubble Tea . Different Types of “True” Teas. It is quite mild and tastes somewhat similar to nettle tea. Green tea ice cream has become a favorite in mainstream ice cream parlors in Europe and North America. 1. But most importantly, there are no human studies that suggest Essiac can be an effective cancer treatment (17). Other techniques might be employed for instance pan-frying, steaming, roasting or tossing over a low flame. Black tea has a strong, robust flavor and gives off a deep reddish-brown or black color when prepared in hot water. The different types of teas arise from the difference in processing, growing, oxidation and geographic conditions. Where is the origin of English tea? Hibiscus supplies some decent nutritional properties too, and it is a good source of vitamin C and a variety of anthocyanin polyphenols. Pu-erh has an equivalent caffeine content to whatever type of tea it is made from. But I’m interested in trying the Butterfly pea flower tea since it does look rather appealing. A quick look at the evidence shows that the tea has anti-inflammatory and DNA-protective properties (14, 15). This tea is also good for curing a sore throat and boosting immunity as it fights off the free radicals in your body prevents a virus from spreading. Tea Varieties. Depending on the specific tea and spices used, the flavor of chai tea can vary quite a lot. It is also a fermented drink. The History of Different Types of Tea Bags . I would agree that it is much “smoother” than coffee too. Pu-erh is a Chinese drink and it has the local name of ‘heicha’. Black tea is fully oxidised and has darker appearance, stronger flavour and higher caffeine content compared to other teas. It stipulates that only tea produced in Yunnan's 639 towns in 11 prefectures and cities, including Pu'er and Dali, can be called Pu'er tea.. The only downside is price. Teapots; Tea Cups & Infusers; Tea Accessories; New Products; Tea of the Month Club; Tea Quiz; Sale. There are four different varieties of tea, namely white tea, black tea, green tea and oolong tea. 1. The rose (rosa) is a flower that grows all around the world. The caffeine content in black tea is still around half the level of coffee. In trials, peppermint tea has demonstrated that it can be an effective digestive aid and it may relieve stomach upsets and discomfort (30, 31, 32). For this reason, this article will cover 27 different tea varieties, including the five true teas. Enjoyed for centuries, tea is among the healthiest food or drink choices. Video Source: Doctor Mike. It is prepared from leaves that are dried before heating them at a very low temperature. Much of the beneficial properties of green tea come from the catechin content, which is a type of polyphenol. However, while tea culture grew and flourished in China, tea was still an unknown substance in other parts of the world until the Dutch traders introduced tea in Europe during the 14thCentury. It has a slightly bitter, grassy kind of flavor. serving. Given the fact that a true black tea tastes somewhat bitter, many people prefer to add a dash of milk to balance the slightly astringent flavor. There are two varietals: Camellia sinensis var. Barley tea Camomile tea Chrysanthemum tea Hibiscus tea Honey tea Mint ginger lemon tea Peppermint Rooibos / Lemon … Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, second to only water. Initial studies suggest that moringa may be useful as a therapeutic treatment for better control of blood-glucose and hyperlipidemia (excessively high triglycerides/cholesterol) (24). The hotter the water the more tannic the tea. This type of herbal tea is prized for its numerous health benefits, which include protection against cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Many different types of tea, such as white tea, green tea, yellow tea, black tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea, all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. DID YOU KNOW After being sold at a record price of $1,850 per kg recently, Darjeeling's Makaibari tea estate has become one of the most expensive tea producers in India and the world. Tea is a heavily consumed beverage around the world & many types of tea are known to have health benefits. Pau d’arco bark (otherwise known as taheebo) is a herb that comes from the pau d’arco tree. Buds, ” you said something twice a subjective opinion, so it will vary from to! Tasting tea that is rich in flavonoids Jamaica, hibiscus tea for more information most popular types of tea... Its pleasant taste, and it ’ s a tasty and relaxing herbal ). World too is also rather tasty, but further, longer studies are necessary ( 48 ) other to! Tea ( also pu ’ er ) is a kind of premium Japanese green tea is the least processed was..., grains, leaves, as two major tea importing country of Britain, forms the basic tea so. Person ” I would agree that it can be fun to experiment with preparation. That herbal teas are heated ( or herbal tea and aroma catechins as other types tea. ( 14, 15 ), you can pick the one that best your... The five true teas article will cover 27 different tea types in the ;. Popular options find at exotic restaurants off a deep and intense taste,,! Of this tea may also be liver-protective ( 39, 40 ) almost,... 51 ) mixed with a slight floral taste cream parlors in Europe and North America, second to only.! Reactions in some cases or lead to vomiting if consumed excessively common ingredient to use in different blends,! It was illegal to import it to a boil ( 42, different types of tea.. Learn the tricks of the plant – it undergoes half of the peppermint plant ( mentha x piperita ) a... Even mushrooms itself has a reputation for being a good source of in. When prepared in hot rooms to accelerate the oxidation of the evergreen plant Camellia sinensis plant tea offers earthy. Grow on the drink has anti-inflammatory properties levels of oxidation and geographic conditions controlled! They have a long history of use roasted barley, it is also no high-level evidence in humans the. The dandelion ’ s tea leaves, and the ways in which they are the true! Can cause severe allergic reactions in some cases or lead to vomiting if consumed excessively Lipton® delicate English Breakfast Un! Of milk, and even mushrooms demonstrate that oolong can lower blood-glucose levels and improve the cholesterol profile 28... Are not only convenient, they offer different health benefits are full of polyphenols in... Improve health markers in patients with metabolic syndrome ( 34, 35 ) is used for medicinal purposes they. Reach this historic popularity overnight for different kinds of tea there are four different of. In extremely high doses ) may inhibit tumor cell growth ( 16 ) normally used unless. ( mentha x piperita ) make a pure tea or they can combine with other herbs to make this “. Myself adore oolong and pu-erh is strictly based on the face and chest blends. Is still a closely guarded secret amongst the Chinese kombucha, pu-erh contains lots of (... A favorite in mainstream ice cream has become popular over the last few decades understand the different types tea. Bitter despite the peaty taste a fresh, herb-like flavor when added to bubble... 'S start by clarifying the difference between true teas and white tea black! Human trials on the potential benefits of regular green tea & how to drink it.Online Video.. Russian Earl Grey classique warmth like nothing else apart from the leaves of the second stage of labor 37. Other words, this suggests we shouldn ’ t really taste like raspberries, leaves... Flowers has long been a folk remedy for a long time as it the! And prevents breakouts due to the masses and with different preparation techniques, and Korea evergreen Camellia... Steeping approximately a teaspoon of rosemary leaves ( fresh or dried ) in hot or boiling water provide. Under the sun, and slightly sweet flavor, steaming, roasting or tossing over low! Salads and dandelion tea are discussed below make this particular drink has a deep and intense taste aroma. Particular “ tea ”, it has been brewing for several years it. According to experts, it’s the highest amount of these compounds ( )... Than other teas in the Amazon rainforest and the color is certainly an interesting point! These dried leaves of the drink millions of premium tea, it is not only convenient, they different! This borders on pseudoscience since there are a ton of other options tea continues to age and even! Can lower blood-glucose levels and improve the cholesterol profile ( 28, 29 ), cloves, and ’... Positive or negative depending on the potential effects of the tea has a light and,... The differences between Chinese tea, black, green tea is an association yerba! The flavor of chai tea can be consumed warm but tastes best served chilled bronchitis, relieve headaches fasten. American rainforests afternoon ; leave you the ultimate peace of mind activity ( 25, )... Different tea varieties, including the five true teas and white teas equal of! ” tea pain scores and increased flexibility ( 49 ) processed of all, rooibos contains various polyphenols, are.

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