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  • FAMOSA’s new Logistics Centre in Alicante
    FAMOSA’s new Logistics Centre in Alicante

    “The new, state-of-the-art logistics centre affords Famosa greater efficiency, flexibility and maneuverability, and responds to customers’ needs, all key...

  • Marie-Eve Rougeot, Famosa’s new CEO
    Marie-Eve Rougeot, Famosa’s new CEO

    The appointment of Marie-Eve Rougeot as CEO marks the start of a new step for Famosa, strengthening its management...

  • Famosa at Nuremberg
    Famosa at Nuremberg

    Once again Famosa was present at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, the most important in the toy, hobby...


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The basis of our company culture

Tradition and innovation

We are a traditional toy company with world- renowned brands and products that are kept fresh and modern through constant innovation.



At our company we believe that working as a team is the key to success. We encourage cooperation, sharing information and a sense of belonging. Would you like to become part of the Famosa team?


Safety is crucial at Famosa in two ways: firstly, our children’s products meet and often exceed all safety requirements and, secondly, we have established safety as a priority in all our daily activities.


Passion and fun

We are enthusiastic and happy, like the children we serve.


We base our activities and competitiveness on quality. When creating our products we use the highest quality processes and materials and maintain strict quality control.



We are honest, consistent and reliable in all of our internal and external activities.


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