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With Nenuco you are the
                                           best mum. Nenuco dolls are

                                             toddler’s companiens from
                                                  the day they are born.

                     Nenuco was established in 1977 and is a famous trademark owned by
                     Famosa.Nenuco reflects the real world of babies through dolls. They
                     are ideal for helping children to learn about daily life. The interaction
                     between children and the dolls is Nenuco’s key value.

                     Age range

                               Age        +10 moths     +1 years     2-3 years     4 years     5-6 years
                               Play Type  Basic, action, excercices,   Very simple  Complex   Increased
                                                 repetition          Symbolic     Symbolic     manual
                                                                       play         play       dexterity

                     Attributes and Values

                                                     Connection between the
                                                         child and mother

                               Different generations                            Security

                            Good quality                                                 Confidence

                          Tenderness                                                         Quality

                             Joy and fun                                                  Credibility

                                          Realistic                             Pretty face

                      Nenuco, great playability:

                      With your Nenuco anything is possible, like taking care of a real baby, feeding it, giving it a bath,…
                      and going out for a walk with your doll. Lets enjoy becoming a Nenuco Mum!
                      With your Nenuco you can be her doctor, her teacher, her cook... and all with great accessories!
                      Nenuco dolls and accessories can be played with for hours and have many    themes which
                      help to improve little girls’ skills by stimulating their intellectual and physical growth.

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