At FAMOSA we are aware of the global environmental problems, and that is why we have assumed the protection of the environment as part of our business philosophy. As an example of this, we have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified by AENOR according to ISO 14001: 2015 standard.

FAMOSA has been one of the first companies in Spain to obtain the certification based on this new version of the Standard. The adaptation to the 2015 version has meant a series of improvements in our Environmental Management System, like the following:

The implementation of the analysis and evaluation of environmental risks and opportunities.
The identification and monitoring of the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.
Knowledge about the environmental performance of our suppliers.
As part of our Management System, we have a Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Policy which includes FAMOSA’s values on quality, environmental protection, and safety and health of the people who work in the company, during the development of their activities.

Our commitment to the environment also requires the participation of all the organization at all levels. For this reason, the Management Committee has established an Environmental Strategic Plan, which is the basis for the preparation, each year, of the company’s objectives and action plans in environmental matters, including strategies for a more efficient use of the natural resources, to reduce the packaging waste of our products and to prevent the pollution.

In 2019 FAMOSA had an unequal environmental performance in the centers of Alicante and Madrid, the reason why continuous awareness-raising actions are been carried out on employees, and improvement actions have been established when necessary, in order to obtain better results.

During 2019, thanks to the supply of 100% electricity from renewable resources, FAMOSA Spain has stopped emitting 1,900 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and 3,337 grams of highly active radioactive waste *, during the course of its activity.

Other environmental activities that we carry out at FAMOSA is the celebration of World Environment Day. On June 5, 2019 an indoor plantation was carried out that allows improving the air quality of the offices. The awareness-raising actions carried out by FAMOSA are focused on improving environmental awareness, reducing environmental impact and contributing to making our day-to-day life more sustainable.

In previous years, and also coinciding with the celebration of World Environment Day, a palm plantation and a pine plantation have been carried out near the FAMOSA facilities in Alicante.

*according to the calculations made for the mix of generic marketing established in the Labeling of Electricity and the Guarantee of Origin System of 2017 and regulated in Circular 1/2008 CNE, of February 7.