Famosa’s mission is to offer joy to children in the form of toys, which provide comprehensive development, and of values, which define a company culture whose main focus is on the end users of its products: children, with all their vulnerabilities and joy. Building on a company tradition that places a prime on tradition and innovation, Famosa has positioned itself as a leading Spanish company and one that has set the standard for more than 50 years.

Everyone at Famosa continues to make important values, such as safety, quality and integrity, part of everything they do. Teamwork, passion and enjoyment are yet other values that allow Famosa to work in tune with the spirit of the boys and girls for whom their toys are intended.

Famosa pursues a vision of positioning itself as the premier brand and maker of dolls, baby walkers and outdoor toys in the European and American markets. At Famosa CSR is seen as a way to integrate social, economic and environmental issues into the company’s strategy and into its open dialogue with the stakeholders that help shape the organization. Through this approach, and thanks to its broad-based and strategic foundation, Famosa is making a conscious effort to reach out to people and, above all, to reinforce the concept of responsibility in its daily activities.

The true dimension of CSR at Famosa:

  • Promotes and defends a responsible business model that strategically defines the vision, mission and values of the Group and integrates them into the value chain.
  • Identifies what contribution it makes to society, its stakeholders and to people in terms of their respective duties and specificities.
  • Manifests the potential and the possibilities of development within its reach, which actively contribute to achieving the commitment the company has made to society.

Famosa is committed to keeping integrated in its management the principles of quality, environmental protection and  health  and safety of  its workers. To achieve this, Famosa has an integrated management system based on  ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards.

> As a member of the Spanish Toy Manufacturers Association, AEFJ, Famosa:

  • Is also a member of the ICTI Ethical Toy Program, which promotes ethical standards in the toy manufacturing supply chain.
  • Endorses the ICTI Code of Business Practices.
  • Supports the Self Regulatory Code of Advertising Toys for Children (CAPIJ)
  • Strategic orientation
  • By analyzing Famosa’s initial situation, consulting with the most important stakeholders, and inventorying those practices in line with its CSR, the company can define a strategic CSR framework in which Famosa can adopt certain practices within CSR in years to come. It is within this context that the following guidelines, contained in the CSR Development Plan for 2013-2016, were established:
  • Promoting the practice of CSR, linked to the growth and competitiveness of Famosa, where innovation, efficiency and professional development are the distinctive qualities and where special attention is paid to internal stakeholders.
  • Encouraging transparency at every level of CSR development (environmental, social and good governance) by carrying out specific actions that contribute to dialogue and communication, as well as by conveying its CSR, both within the Famosa Group and externally.
  • Incorporating CSR into daily management and throughout the value chain, specifically by applying the criteria required by the international standards adopted (ISO 14001, ISO 45001) and by the public commitments made (Global Compact, ICTI Ethical Toy Program, Self Regulatory Code of Advertising Toys for Children).
  • Increasing the level of knowledge and credibility of CSR through training actions that promote responsible involvement and supporting and recognizing teams that encourage CSR.
  • Reducing risks to the company’s reputation arising from the social, environmental and economic impacts of its actions, improving the coordination of its international operations, and monitoring actions carried out throughout its value chain.