At FAMOSA we are aware of the global environmental problems, and that is why we have made environmental protection part of our business philosophy. As proof of this, we have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 Standard by AENOR.

FAMOSA was one of the first companies in Spain to achieve certification based on this new version of the standard. With this adaptation, a series of improvements were made to our Environmental Management System, among which the following stand out::

– The implementation of the analysis and evaluation of environmental risks and opportunities.

– The identification and monitoring of the needs and expectations of our interested parties.

– Knowledge of the environmental performance of our suppliers.

As part of our Management System, we have a Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Policy which sets out FAMOSA’s values regarding quality, environmental protection and the health and safety of the people who work in the company during the development of its activities.

FAMOSA periodically identifies and analyses the environmental aspects of its activity, using 3 impact variables (Frequency/periodicity, Sensitivity to the environment, and Quantity), ordering by the most significant for inclusion in the programmes of objectives and action plans. 

At corporate level, including the impact of the marketed product, the most significant current and potential impacts are linked to the generation of waste at the end of the product’s useful life and the amount of CO2 emitted by the transport of goods.

The processes carried out in FAMOSA are those corresponding to office, warehouse and plastic toy manufacturing activities. During FAMOSA’s production processes, no direct pollutant emissions into the atmosphere are produced as the only energy used is electricity. Fossil fuels are not used, incorporating them into the production process and therefore there are no sources of direct emissions into the atmosphere in its facilities. No water is incorporated into the production process and the water used is for human consumption and that which is discharged corresponds to sanitary water. The hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated is managed through authorised waste managers.

During the period from Jan to Dec 2022, the actions to improve the company’s energy efficiency continued: lighting control processes and switching off the forklift truck battery recharging stations in Monterrey. In addition, at the Alicante facilities, variators have been changed in the injection machines as an energy efficiency measure.  

In 2022 FAMOSA had a very good environmental performance at the Alicante centre and a satisfactory performance at the Madrid centre. It is worth highlighting that since the end of 2021, awareness-raising actions have been intensified among employees and the following actions have been carried out in the company’s facilities and improvement actions have been established where necessary, in order to obtain better results. The awareness-raising actions carried out by FAMOSA are focused on improving environmental awareness, reducing environmental impact and contributing to making our day-to-day life more sustainable. The body in charge of this activity is the Environment Committee, which periodically launches an internal information Newsletter for FAMOSA staff.

In commemoration of World Environment Day, activities are carried out with the participation of our employees. Some of the activities carried out are the planting of palm and pine trees in the vicinity of the FAMOSA facilities in Alicante and an indoor planting to improve the air quality in our offices.