At FAMOSA we have as a priority the Safety and Quality of our toys, Consumer Service, and the Excellence of our internal processes. Proofs of this are our Quality Policy (integrated with Environment and Health and Safety) and our Quality Management System (QMS) certified by AENOR in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

Within this system, FAMOSA has a robust program to ensure that there are no risks for the consumer, through exhaustive verification of compliance with security regulations. Our toys have been certified in toy safety regulations by prestigious laboratories. We have more than 40 people and a budget of more than 1 million euros for the quality and safety checks of our toys. Full insurance for children.

Our Quality system, to guarantee excellence towards our consumers, has a Customer Service Department, through a dedicated department, where they will be happy to help you with your queries, suggestions, spare parts needs, or warranty incidents. You can contact our team by email or phone, see “CONTACT” section of the top menu.